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About "BlendIcons"

Blendicons is a new and very promising project aimed at creative people. We offer 136,000 free icons and more than 1,300 collections of 7 different styles. With BlendIcons, you can plug into a flow of creative work. Enjoy elegant, clean, monochrome, and colored icons from one central place.


A new way to find free icons in a fun, simple and fast way for your projects. — just you and your creative work.
Project idea

The idea behind the project was to create a site with icons, stickers, animations, and drawings based on a subscription model. That would greatly facilitate the work of designers and creative people in general.

Who worked on it:
  • Project Manager;

  • Middle Front-end developer;

  • Middle Back-end developer;

  • Designer

Time to release

6 month

Billable hours

1.000 h

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