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About "Box Hill Institute"

Box Hill Institute now operates in 4 countries. We are registered to deliver professional education across the secondary, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education (HE) sectors. We offer a diverse range of courses to students, businesses and community groups. You can study certificates, diplomas and degrees, and your qualifications will be recognised in Australia and overseas.

Box Hill Institute

We’ve been around long enough to know education is about learning for work and for life. At Box Hill Institute, we’ve made it our mission to prepare you for both.
Project idea

Rewriting website frontend to React with the backend using datocms. Technologies used for the project implementation: typescript, next.js. API: graphQL. CMS: Dato CMS. Other libraries used: "inversify", "inversify-inject-decorators", "stimulus". It was difficult t odeal with DatoCMS. Mainly, because it uses Ruby language which is out of our teams stack range. Second complexity is the way of information storage. This problem was solved by breaking up data into minor requests and then joining them.

Who worked on it:
  • Project Manager;

  • Middle Front-end developer (x3);

  • Middle Manual QA

Time to release

8 month

Billable hours

1.200 h

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