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About "Push Down & Hide Out Of Stock"

Push down, redirect or hide out of stock & republish back in stock items. With Stockhide, you’ll be able to set specific stock levels which will trigger your action on the products you choose.

Push Down & Hide Out Of Stock

Maximize Sales, Minimize Out-of-Stock Impact with Stockhide
Project idea

Take control of your Shopify store’s inventory management with Stockhide. Seamlessly automate, optimize, and streamline stock-related processes while enhancing SEO and driving sales. Experience the effortless transition between sold-out and restocked items and improve your sales and customer experience today.

Who worked on it:
  • Project Manager;

  • Full-stack developer;

  • DevOps;

  • Quality Assurance

Time to release

3 month

Billable hours

400 h

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