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About "Real America's Voice"

Real America’s Voice is a media solutions firm that enables Content Providers, Agencies and Advertisers to leverage 130 years of combined media expertise to deliver the country’s first audience-driven news platform!

Real America's Voice

We are the voice, the voice of the United States of America.
Project idea

Americas Voice is a platform that fosters the real voice of America! At a time when traditional values continue to get trampled by conglomerate news-networks, Americas Voice provides a platform for audiences to be a part of the story so we can broadcast the true opinion of the masses!

Who worked on it:
  • Project Manager;

  • Team Lead;

  • Front-end developer;

  • Back-end developer;

  • Middle Manual QA

Time to release

12 month v1.1; v2.0 Total: 17 month

Billable hours

2.900 h

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