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About "Selector Geolocation & Markets"

Selector—Geolocation & Markets is a fairly simple and at the same time useful application for such an important task as choosing the preferred language and currency for visitors and the ability to switch between them further.

Selector Geolocation & Markets

Attract customers from all over the world and increase global sales with market geolocation!

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Project idea

The application has the best color combinations in the form of color schemes for various types of selectors - dropdown, wheel, modal, inline, etc. We managed to lay down the minimum number of settings that will enable currency and language switches as convenient and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. To integrate with store's Shopify themes Theme App Extensions were used, which gave us the ability to initialize JS SDK and render all the selectors configured by the store owner in the app's interface.

Who worked on it:
  • Project Manager;

  • Senior Front-end developer;

  • Middle Front-end developer;

  • Str. Middle Back-end developer;

  • Quality Assurance;

  • Designer

Time to release

3 months

Billable hours

600 hr

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